Sunday, July 17, 2016

2016 Arctic Day 2 - Ottawa

Hello, from sunny and hot Ottawa!

OK, I'm dedicated to trying to do this on a regular basis, so here's a brief and somewhat disjointed update...

Flight from Winnipeg was delayed by more than two hours... as we're sitting on the tarmac waiting for departure, I'm literally watching the flight from Calgary carrying the first two students that I am SUPPOSED to be greeting in Ottawa slowly creeping closer and closer. Luckily, we take off just with a good 20 minute head start.

Arrival in Ottawa was early yesterday morning - 1:30am EDT. As predicted, my plane beat the one with the two students by a few minutes. Collected the first two SOI expeditioners and away we went to our temporary home at the University of Ottawa. After check-ins, it was after 3am before we hit the hay - and I had to be up for an 8am pick-up at the airport!

Groggily, I made my way to the airport and met Joe Thrasher, a Grade 12 student from Inuvik. There were some luggage issues, so we had some time to chill in the airport and chat. Despite the muggy-hot weather, hockey was the main topic of conversation! This is another of my favorite things about SOI, the chance to chat and get to know some of these amazing students!

Luggage in hand, we headed to Ottawa U, where I dropped Joe off into the capable hands of the SOI team, and I headed to the train station to pick up a group coming from Montreal - mostly students from Nunavik in northern Quebec, plus one staff - SOI 2015 Arctic alumni, Gabi Foss! After some intros, we were all on our way in the giant 10-seater van to Ottawa U.

After some yummy lunch (fajita buffet!), we loaded up the vans and headed to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. I have to admit, this was my "recommendation" as a sight to visit - not just because I love space stuff (I do!), but because they are hosting a temporary exhibit about Star Trek. Now, anyone who knows me, knows I am a little bit of a Trekkie (warning, extreme under-exaggeration here). Unfortunately, the exhibit was too expensive for all the students to go see, but while they went to explore the GREAT rest of the museum, I snuck away (with permission), to go see this exhibit while I had the chance.

Captain Mike says "Engage!"
And it was great! See attached picture. Actual memorabilia, some cool interactive games and lots of science. I am definitely going to push to get this at the Manitoba Museum, if we can. Now before you think me a bad chaperone abandoning the students to go see something on my own, I technically was supposed to do that, as I had an airport run to do to collect some SOI staff. So why not take advantage and get to sit in the Captain's chair of the Enterprise!

Airport run complete, all that was left for the day was dinner and then bed for some much needed sleep. And now with 7 hours of sleep under my belt, we're off to a farmer's market, the Mint, Rideau Hall, a haunted tour, and a light show at Parliament Hill - along with more airport runs to collect more new SOIers!

Have a great day! 

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